Scott Thomas

About Scott Thomas Furniture

State of the Art
The Scott Thomas finishing system is a state of the art finish that incorporates the world’s best technologies. Our finishes are not only beautiful, but have passed a number of rigorous quality tests to verify performance.
Dyes and Stains
Our dyes are the most light-fast dyes available today and will even resist color fade under direct sun light. These sophisticated colorants do not obscure the wood, but are used to penetrate deep into the grain and enhance fine burls and other select woods.
Our clear coat system is a premium quality catalyzed lacquer that has an exceptional resistance to water, solvents and household chemicals. This lacquer represents the latest in durable, long lasting wood finishing technologies that meets AWI TR-4 Chemical and Moisture resistance standards. All Scott Thomas finishes are suitable for hospitality and commercial use.
Not only does our finish meet the highest of quality principles, but we take painstaking care to create our signature finish and aged patina by applying several steps and procedures by hand.
Health and Environment
Health and the environment are important to us and that’s why we have sought new ways to safeguard them. Our current system is totally HAPS free (free of hazardous air pollutants) and meets European E-1 standards for a better working environment.
Scott Thomas only uses hardwoods that come from responsible and well managed forestry sources. Many of our timbers are resourced from Amish communities located in the heartland of America, while other woods such as fine walnut burls come from tree farms specially cultivated in California. Other sourcing areas include Europe.
Chair Frames
Our chair frames are made of solid European beech and constructed using glue and dowels that are reinforced with a kreg joinery system. High quality steel screws are hidden but add resistance to heavy wear making them suitable for commercial use.
Our craftsmen are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to upholstery. Eight-way hand tied springs are time consuming and tedious, but results are the highest quality and comfort.
Proper construction requires great skill and experience. Our furniture designers and makers have the knowledge and experience to create timeless heirlooms. All drawers are constructed using dovetail joinery, detailed marquetry is hand cut, and substrates are placed together with glue and dowel.
We take pride in being members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC). The SFC is a non-profit balanced coalition of industry players promoting sustainable practices among manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike. As SFC members we take steps to minimize carbon emissions, waste stream pollutants, un-recyclable content and primary materials from unsustainable sources from any product platform under our control.
Life-Cycle Assessment
We utilize Life Cycle Assessment as the best method for analyzing the environmental impact of our products, and a verifiable chain of custody as the only acceptable method for tracking wood flow.
Triple Bottom Line
We support the triple bottom line of PEOPLE - PLANET - PROFITS to lead the industry in developing awareness of best practices throughout supply chains. This goal is accomplished by increasing purchases from suppliers that show continual improvement toward meeting our high standards
Furniture Care
Scott Thomas incorporates state of the art lacquers while preserving classic hand finishing techniques for a sophisticated result. Caring for your furniture is a good way to preserve the original quality and luster. .

In order to keep your furniture in its best condition, avoid moisture and temperature changes whenever possible. Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight and away from forced air such as air conditioning or heating outlets..

When cleaning, use a soft cotton cloth for light dusting. If needed, clean the surface with a mild soap such as Murphy’s Oil soap. (Just a few drops diluted in water). Avoid over saturation on the surface, rather a damp cloth will work in most cases. Scott Thomas reproduction furniture has been hand waxed for an aged and authentic patina. Many times the surface can be buffed with a soft cotton cloth to restore the sheen. Finishes without distressing or that are modern in style are not waxed since the patina does not require waxing to achieve the desired effect..

Non abrasive polishes and waxes are acceptable to care for your furniture. Make sure that the polish and wax do not contain silicone. Use of products with silicone additives will eventually damage the furniture. Polishes usually don’t last very long as they usually contain oils that eventually evaporate. Paste wax lasts longer but will take more effort to apply. Use wax sparingly to avoid wax build -up.